Setagaya Yoga Studio is located in Kyodo. The studio owner  Lindsey Sawada has a great love of working with children and has done so as a nanny, a teacher and a fitness instructor for over 25 years. She created the studio to make a space where children can learn Yoga and English simultaneously in a fun yet calm environment.


Why Yoga?

Yoga has many benefits for children including

  •  Developing body awareness

  • Building concentration

  • Increasing confidence and positive self image

  • Feeling part of a healthy non competitive group

  • Learning  how to use their bodies in a healthy way

  • It's great for balance, strengthening, energizing and stretching and relaxation

  • At Setagaya Yoga Studio we teach our classes in English so your child gets the opportunity to interact with a foreign teacher, hear, learn and speak another language.




Setagaya Yoga Studio, 1-1-12, Kyodo, Setagaya -Ku, Tokyo, 156-0052

Tel: 090-5317-4121

Email : setagayayogastudio@gmail.com