Hatha yoga 

Several classes all

 throughout the week

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At Setagaya Yoga studio we pride ourselves in having small classes, there is an upper limit of 5 students per class so that we can carefully observe and adjust each person to keep everyone as safe and engaged as possible. At this time the group classes are for females only. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a guy and are interested in a class - we’d love to teach BROga!


Private Yoga

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There are many reasons why you may want to take a private yoga lesson. A private lesson can offer you, a made to order service. Private lessons are much more personal and allow you to work on flexibility, strength and alignment in more depth as well as a chance to gain a deeper knowledge of how to work within the scope your own body. Private classes are great for beginners who may feel overwhelmed in a group lesson as well as seasoned yogis with specific goals. EveryBODY can benefit from a private class. Please contact us to set up a class either at Setagaya Yoga Studio or in a location of your choice. (Male students are required to attend Setagaya Yoga Studio)


email: setagayayogastudio@gmail.com

mama yoga


This class is specifically for Mamas to practice yoga. Babies and young children are welcome to come along so you don't need to find a babysitter. Bring along a favourite toy or book, some snacks and a drink for your little ones to keep them entertained while you practice. Upper limit of 4 Mama and child pairs per class


Private Group Yoga

contact us to arrange a schedule

Fancy a private group session with your girlfriends? Do you want to practice yoga in your school? How about having a yoga session in your workplace? We can arrange any type of class for you in your chosen location. Just contact us for more details.

Practicing yoga with a group of your friends or colleagues is super fun and sometimes it makes it easier to start a practice when you are in a trusted group.

Practicing yoga in schools and the workplace can reduce stress and increase energy and productivity. After a yoga class you will likely observe an increase in clarity and self-esteem, more confidence in making decisions and increased morale and a decrease in absenteeism and illness.

For schools this can have a direct impact on how smoothly the classroom runs and students will be more relaxed, happier and kinder to each other and more focused on the tasks in front of them.

For employers you can see greater productivity, decreased stress levels, more company loyalty and commitment strengthening the organisation’s culture.