Private group yoga

Setagaya Yoga Studio の出張グループレッスン

女友達で集まってお洒落なヨガレッスン? 学校でヨガクラス? 職場でヨガ?


ご希望の場所、ニーズに合わせて出張グループレッスンを提供させて頂きます。             ご予約はスタジオまでお問い合わせ下さい。

Private group yoga at Setagaya Yoga studio

Fancy a private group session with your girlfriends? Do you want to practice yoga in your school? How about having a yoga session in your workplace? We can arrange any type of class for you in your chosen location. Just contact us for more details.

Practicing yoga with a group of your friends or colleagues is super fun and sometimes it makes it easier to start a practice when you are in a trusted group.