Mama Care LAIREA



This class was born out of a need for new mums to be able to exercise without having to leave their babies at home. After the all clear from your doctor at your 6 week postpartum check up (this may vary between doctors) you are welcome to join class.

It's really important to exercise consistently throughout our lives and exercising postpartum is no different except that the exercise that we do should perhaps not be quite so rigorous until we have built up a bit of stamina and given our bodies a chance to heal.

Mama Care LAIREA was designed specifically with new mums in mind,  we use the aerial tissue in a carefully considered gentle way to help the body get back into shape after pregnancy and birth. 



 Lindsey (right) is The Mama Care LAIREA instructor Emi (left) assists Mamas get into position in the aerial tissue and helping the babies feel at ease.

IMG_0832 (1).JPG

Lindsey demonstrates  baby swaddling to the new Mamas


A little timeout for baby massage.


The babies like to assist!