Lindsey’s yoga classes are an oasis away from the chaos of life. From the moment you walk in the door and are met with Lindsey’s beautiful smile and warm aura, the worries of the day melt away. Lindsey is so incredibly kind and patient and is genuinely the most wonderful person I’ve met in recent time’s. Since starting yoga I feel more energetic and peaceful and confident with doing yoga myself at home

— Lisa 

After being rejected at a local Yoga studio due to my gender(male), I found Lindsey at Setagaya Yoga studio who could teach me in her private classes, regardless of gender, skin color, age or sexuality she treats everyone equally and everyone is welcomed to her studio. More than a Yoga teacher she has become a great friend of mine and we always spend half of the class joking and laughing - making the exercises mentally less challenging. She also takes into consideration what you want to achieve with the class and really listens and cares about you. Even when I lived far away, I've always felt it more than worthwhile going to Setagaya Yoga Studio. I highly recommend Lindsey's Studio for anyone even the slightest interested in Yoga - or just anyone who cares about their body or about being healthy.

— Yukiro

I had a great experience at Setagaya Yoga Studio, with no prior experience and very limited Japanese I struggled to find somewhere to learn, but from the first email Lindsey was friendly and accommodating.  Every lesson was easy to follow, and it was a pleasure to learn from such an attentive, knowledgeable, patient and very down to earth person.  An enjoyable start to my yoga journey; I will definitely be dropping by whenever I am in Tokyo in the future.

— Daniel